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To join the Equity Stunt Register requires you to train in a wide range of sports, to a very high level. This makes British stunt performers some of the best in the world! While we mainly come from a background in a particular sport, we can use our skills to perform most stunts.

My training for the Stunt Register took 5 years to get the necessary qualifications, and involved travelling abroad and all around the UK. Currently you need 6 different sports to be an Equity member.

From 1996 I joined an extras agency which gave me an opportunity to work on film and TV sets. Doing this gave me a feel for working in the industry. I finally became a proud member of the British Stunt Register in 1999!!

Since then I have been lucky enough to work on some great productions, meet some fantastic people and make some good friends.

Stunt Performer - Ben Dimmock
Stunts - Ben Dimmock